Your Healthy Autumn Morning Guide #betterlife

Autumn mornings can definitely make for a complicated affair, with the urge to snuggle back down into your bed almost overwhelming, leading to lie ins, stress, fatigue and poor motivation.

Take a look at our tips below to discover how to get up and moving in the morning, despite the darkness and the autumn chill.

Perfect Your Evening Routine

Your morning wake up relies completely on the effective planning of your evening routine. Ensuring that you wind down correctly, and turn off electronics at least one hour before bed can help to ease you into rest. Other tips include lavender pillow spray, enjoying a warm bath before bed and meditation or mindfulness apps. Getting to bed at a good time and allowing yourself 7-9 hours of sleep will mean that you’ll wake feeling refreshed and ready to leave your bed by the morning.

A Brilliant Breakfast

A brilliant breakfast can help to get you up and moving each morning.

If you’re looking for something on the move, overnight oats can be a great idea, or if you’re looking for a dish to warm you up on an autumn morning, porridge or eggs on toast can make for a filling meal too.

Suitable NightWear

Suitable night wear can be a great way to ensure that your morning get up is a simple affair.

Being suitably wrapped up before getting out of bed can reduce the change in temperature, meaning that you’re not standing there shivering – with the overwhelming temptation to climb back into your warm bed. Opt for cotton clothes which keep extremities warm whilst still allowing you to sleep comfortably.

Timed Heating

Timed heating can be a great way to ease your morning get up in the autumn months.

Ensuring that your heating comes on around ten minutes before your alarm sounds will mean that your bedroom is warm and cosy for you to leave from under the covers.

Natural Light

Natural light plays a large role in getting yourself up and moving in the colder months. Ensure that the curtains are opened as soon as you wake for a natural way to kick start your day.

Avoid Snooze

Avoid the snooze button in the colder months.

Hitting the button again and again allows our minds to slip back into a deep sleep before being pulled back out again moments later, causing grogginess and headaches in the afternoon.

Morning Exercise

Morning exercise can be a brilliant way to boost your mood and energy in the morning.

Leave your workout gear by the bed to ensure that it’s the first thing you see as you wake – and ensure that you’re wrapped up warm before heading out the door.

Cold Water

Cold water might seem like something to avoid on a cold autumn morning, but drinking a glass of ice cold liquid as you wake can be a great way to wake yourself up from the inside, boosting your energy and your mood for the day.


Don’t make coffee your enemy, a small black coffee in the morning can be a great start to any day – and can be the push you need to get up and moving.