Your Guide to Relaxing After a Busy Day #NationalRelaxationDay

Happy #NationalRelaxationDay !

After a hectic day, it can be difficult to wind down and to de stress.ย 

Adopting a calm headspace come the evening is vital for a healthy, deep sleep. Take a look at our tips below for relaxing after a busy day for a brilliant rest and a betterlife.

Turn Your Phone Off

Technology can play a huge role in our everyday lives and be a constant during our busy working hours. When returning after a busy day, opt for switching your phone off for a few hours to really detach yourself from the pull of being online.

Plenty of people now have their work emails on their phone, and by switching off communication devices, our brains can really switch off and relax.

Get Comfortable

When it comes to unwinding after a busy day, it’s important to get cosy and comfortable.

Opt for soft, warm clothes, commonly associated with heading up to bed, this can be great for making us feel peaceful and sleepy.

Have a Bath

A hot bath can be great for de-stressing and unwinding from the long day. Baths can also be great for boosting sleep quality, as the calming experience mixed with the rapid cool in temperature as we climb out can be brilliant for inducing drowsiness.


Although it might not seem like it for everyone, for some, exercise can be a great form of mental relaxation after a hectic day. Opting to work up a sweat in the gym can release lots of serotonin, which when combined with a peaceful night, can be brilliant for reducing overall stress. Just don’t exercise too soon before bed, as this can make it tricky to sleep.

Listen To Music

Listening to calming music either in the background or in your headphones can be brilliant for unwinding after a particularly stressful day. Opt for your favourite songs to take you back to happy memories.

Spend Time With Loved Ones

Spend time with special people. There’s nothing more effective at removing stress than spending time with the people we love. Opt for making memories with friends and family after a busy day at work, if you have the energy!

Herbal Tea

Tea can be a great balm for the soul. Opt for soothing flavours such as mint, chamomile and ginger. Caffeine free, herbal alternatives can be perfect for inducing drowsiness and helping you to move on from the stress of the day.


The most important factor of all: rest.

Take the time in the evening to sit down and rest, whether that’s reading a book or watching a show, just 20 minutes of doing nothing can be brilliant for unwinding from the busy day.

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