Your Essential Wellness and Motivation Tips

Self improvement is definitely a working project consisting of day-to-day tasks, activities and challenges.

One major part of self improvement is wellness, check out these tips here for motivating yourself to care for your body, mind and overall health during lockdown. ๐Ÿ’ค๐Ÿ’ค

  • Keep track of your goals – and make sure to reward yourself when you accomplish them!

Although setting goals does not work for everyone, writing down what you want to achieve can be a great way to motivate yourself to achieve them.

Another great tip is to create a vision board! Just cut and stick pictures of what you want to achieve in the future and display them on your wall, this can be a great incentive to work towards your goals.

On the topic of goals, when you do achieve, make sure to really bask in the accomplishment! Embrace success and give yourself a pat on the back for achieving your aims in life.

Sometimes we can get caught up in the rush of modern, every day life, so taking time to step back and to see just how far you’ve come can be a brilliant source of motivation.

  • Redefine the way you sleep.

Revolutionise your sleep.

When it comes to self improvement, start with the activity that fuels your achievements in the day: sleep.

Set a great sleep routine and start waking up at the same time each day.

Flick off electronic devices one hour before bed and listen to your body if you feel the need to rest during waking hours.

Waking up naturally can be a tricky business during the winter months due to the lack of light, but opting for a sleep routine and a soothing alarm can really make a difference.

  • Discover something meaningful

Identify everything which gives your life meaning and focus your efforts on them.

Once you’ve decluttered your life, and worked out what is meaningful to you – you can start to apply yourself more and motivate yourself to achieve.

If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life, find meaning and you’ll unearth motivation.

  • Embrace naps

Banish the idea that naps are counter intuitive and lazy.

An afternoon nap provides a great energy boost, is wonderful for motivation and can be perfect for giving your body the rest that you deserve.

Just twenty minutes of napping is the equivalent of one hour of night time sleep and is perfect for a much needed boost.

  • Practice Home Workouts

With all gyms shut during lockdown, keeping up with exercise can be tricky to find the motivation for. Don’t worry! There are loads of online workouts that can be completed from the safety of your home, from ab routines through to intense HIIT challenges.

Head online to see what you can find today, making an exercise timetable can also be a great way to keep your enthusiasm up!

  • Scrap those resolutions

Although this might sound counter intuitive, scrap those resolutions!

New year’s resolutions can often be a rushed initiative by many and often lead to slip ups, followed by feelings of guilt.

Take your time in setting your own goals and make sure you do what makes you happy, not what you feel you must do because everyone else is making resolutions around you.

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