Yoga and Sleep Health – Olivia Townsend

When it comes to choosing partnerships, MLILY value influencers who are committed to raising awareness for a great night’s sleep, providing informative content, reasoned research and guidance.

With this in mind, June saw MLILY team up with yoga teacher and founder of yoga page, @livinleggings- Olivia Townsend, to put together an informative and detailed campaign on the importance of yoga for a healthy night’s sleep.

‘It was wonderful to work with Mlily to be able to raise awareness of how helpful yoga, mindfulness and meditation can be for good quality sleep.’


-Olivia Townsend

Enjoyed by many for its calming effects and meditative like mindset, yoga can be a brilliant sleep aid when practiced both before and after bed.

It can also stand as a brilliant strengthening activity, increasing flexibility, as well as being great for tackling stress and sore muscles.

Most importantly of all, yoga can make people happy, naturally boosting mood both morning and night.
All of these benefits are also wonderful for boosting sleep!

‘Whether you’re a good sleeper or not, yoga poses are great for encouraging the body to wind down, calm the mind and prepare yourself for rest.’

-Olivia Townsend



To help spread the message of sleep and yoga, Liv created one video post showing a great pre- bedtime yoga routine to help boost rest.

Packed full of calming stretches, it was greatly appreciated by her followers and hopefully went some way to helping more people get the quality sleep they deserve.


Further into the partnership, Liv was able to test out the MLILY Ambience pillow, experiencing the effect of cool comfort memory foam on her everyday life and her work with yoga. You can discover her full take on the Ambience by heading over to her Instagram.

The whole partnership was everything MLILY set out for it be, fuelled by research, led by Olivia, a professional in the field, and aimed at helping people to sleep better through the restorative and calming effects of yoga.


‘It was a real pleasure to collaborate on one of the most straight forward partnerships I’ve had’.

-Olivia Townsend

MLILY are proud to have got behind a clear and informative campaign, focusing on helping people towards a better sleep and a better life.




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Head over to Liv’s Instagram here.