World Sleep Day 2019 #betterlife

Friday 15th March marks World Sleep Day, an annual celebration of sleep and its importance across the world.

Alongside celebrating rest, World Sleep Day also seeks to raise awareness for sleep related issues, from medication through to education, social aspects and driving.

Brought together by a collection of health care professionals, the goal of World Sleep Day each year is to raise awareness on the importance of sleep in our every day busy lives.

So far, 55 countries have taken part in the annual event!

The World Sleep Day website, which holds host to a range of differing activities, has pulled in more than 1 million views.

From toolkits through to sleep research and media coverage, the site delivers a great insight into caring for your sleep health.

Check it out here, to have a look through the online resources, or, submit a sleep health activity yourself!

In honour of World Sleep Day tomorrow, we thought we would put together our own activity on the importance of sleep, because a healthy sleep means a better life.

Take a look at our list of top tips and tricks!

-Set a Routine. Setting a routine can be a great way to ensure that you wake to feel rested and well each morning, as your body tends to wake up naturally without a jolting alarm. Head to bed at the same time each night and aim to sleep for the same amount of hours, and you’ll be waking up naturally in no time.

-Exercise. Regular mild exercise, just 30 minutes each day, can drastically improve sleep quality! Set yourself a challenge, starting from World Sleep Day tomorrow, to head out for a run each day, you’ll soon see an improvement in your lifestyle and your sleep quality.

-Practice Yoga. Yoga can be a great way to unwind each evening and has been proven to help to promote a good quality of sleep. Even opting for a quick stretch or trying some simple breathing techniques before heading to bed can really help to improve your relationship with sleep.

-Try some Herbal Tea. Opt for some herbal tea each evening. Not only does it settle your stomach and aid digestion, meaning you’re not likely to be awoken by indigestion in the night, herbal teas have also been linked to peaceful sleep. Try chamomile for a relaxing doze.

There is nothing more restorative and rewarding than sleep.

Wherever you are, raise awareness, get involved and have a great World Sleep Day! #WorldSleepDay

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