Work From Home: Healthy Eating #betterlife

Keeping both healthy eating and nutrition in check can be pretty tricky when your home is your office. Where before a simple and healthy packed lunch would have sufficed, when working from home, the kitchen is just metres away and the temptation to snack is strong.ย 

Take a look at our tips below on maintaining healthy choices during lockdown, perfect for a balanced lifestyle.

Correct Workspace

Working in or near your kitchen can not only have a detrimental affect on your concentration levels, it can also result in trips to the fridge and cupboards for sugar filled snacks.

We inherently associate boredom with eating, opting for food instead of work. A great tip is to work away from the kitchen, only heading there for scheduled meal times or to collect pre prepared healthy snacks.


Similar to the previous point, work on planing snack and meal times in order to keep a routine and make the correct choices.

Simple snacks which can be prepared the night before can come in the form of carrot sticks and hummus, fruit, nuts or dark chocolate. Keeping break times the same each day can really aid your concentration levels, placing you mentally back in your office where lunch occurs at a set time.

Make Sure to Eat

Once you start to work, it can be easy to become easily distracted and carried away in whatever you are doing, a situation that can often result in a lack of food. It’s incredibly important to notice your hunger pains when working from home, in order to make the decision to fuel your body to aid concentration and productivity.

Meal Prep

There is certainly something freeing about being able to head to the kitchen and whip up anything you like, instead of standing in line at a cafe or opting for your leftovers from the office fridge.

Despite this, the possibilities can be overwhelming for some and you don’t want to be spending hours whipping up a large meal in the middle of the working day.

Opt instead for prepping your meal the night before, just as you would do if heading to an office, this allows you to keep your routine going from home.

Drink plenty of water

The cornerstone of any healthy diet comes in the form of hydration. Just as you would fill up a water bottle to keep at your desk at work, ensure that there’s always a bottle or a jug nearby at home. Adequate hydration supports well being, prevents fatigue, aids alertness and prevents headaches.

Watch Caffeine

It can be easy when working from home to reach for the caffeine, especially if each cup doesn’t cost a fortune from the local cafe. Despite this, it’s important to limit your consumption to one in the morning, opting instead to focus on other activities to fight the afternoon slump, from peppermint tea through to a walk or a phone call.

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