Winter Can Be Good For Our Health #betterlife

Despite the numerous articles out there at the moment focusing on the negative health impacts of winter, there are some positives to the chilly weather and frosty mornings.

Take a look below at the ways in which winter can actually improve our health and well being for a #betterlife.

Calories Burn Fast

Colder temperatures mean that our bodies have to work faster to keep our core temperature at the right level. Our bodies use a great deal of energy to keep warm, and low winter temperatures can lead to a quicker metabolism.

Brown Fat Increases

During the winter months, the levels of brown fat in our bodies increases. Whilst normal fat appears white in colour, brown fat is beneficial, allowing our bodies to produce energy and to create heat for internal bodily warmth, perfect for the colder temperature.

Allergies Are Reduced

Although there are plenty of coughs and sniffles that come with the colder months, few of these are allergy based.

Frosty temperatures leads to a sharp decline in pollen, lessening the effects of hayfever dramatically, perfect for the those winter walks in the crisp air!

Lowering of Inflammation

The colder temperatures can be great for lowering inflammation in the body. Similar to placing an ice pack on a swollen knee, cold air can be great for reducing swelling, leading to a less puffy appearance during the colder months.

Better Sleep

Winter means a better sleep!

Our bodies naturally cool as we fall to sleep, so a cool bedroom is the ideal environment for a quick drop into slumber and a great quality rest! The darker evenings also mean that we head to bed at an earlier time as the sun sets, meaning the morning get up is a lot less painful.

Better Heart Health

Winter can be brilliant for heart health. Outdoor winter exercise can be a fun and exhilarating experience.

Heading for a run in the colder months means that our bodies work harder to get the blood pumping, supporting our increased heart rate and also working to keep the core body temperature warm, perfect for blasting calories, increasing serotonin, and boosting both mood and energy.

Boosts Brain Health

Colder temperatures boost brain health! Studies show that our brains are able to work better in cooler temperatures, allowing for a crisp and clear outlook, perfect for winter mornings when the creative juices are flowing.