Welcome to the MLILY stand Wes Brown!

The Birmingham Furniture Show saw MLILY welcome Manchester United legend and star, Wes Brown to the stand.

From chatting all things football through to conversing over basketball players, childhood football memories and top tips for recovery, sleep and rest, the day proved to be a brilliantly insightful look into Wes’ experience at Manchester United.

Having been no stranger to an injury or two in his career, Wes was keen to stress the importance of sleep when it came to recovery;

‘having injured my ACL very early into my career, it was incredibly insightful to experience just how vital a good mattress can be when it comes to recovery. People need to understand sleep more next day you’re going to be tired if you don’t focus on what you need the night before.’

Wes Brown

Chatting further about his passion for rest and recovery, Wes was keen to stress that his thoughts on sleep haven’t always been so absolute; ‘my approach to sleep has changed the older I’ve got, you start to realise that sleep is very, very important for being the best person you can be. Delving further into the topic of health, wellness and everyday exercise, Wes was keen to chat about his other endeavours when asked about returning to a possible career in coaching.

‘I’m only really focusing on coaching for youth groups now in and around Manchester. It’s great to see kids’ confidence change over the week of training, from being too shy to kick the ball to running around with the others, with a smile on their faces! As a kid, I loved to get involved with basketball, and events such as winning the school championship in 1993really set me up for a career in sports, I understand how important it can be!’

Wes Brown

Alongside the thrill of sports, Wes was also open to chatting about the intensity of playing professionally, ‘football academies are producing incredibly skilled and technical players. As a footballer who was scouted organically, the mental strength and energy of these kids in academies are very admirable.

My advice to anyone who wants to play professionally is to keep on keeping at it, but also accept that it’s a journey and that there are always going to be ups and downs.

Running along the lines of stress and pressure in the job, Wes was able to comment on his thoughts concerning the treble win so early into his career; ‘ there was little to no pressure. There was a certain standard back then, and it was amazing to be playing at that level!’

Heading back into the healthy lifestyle side of things, especially when it comes to diet and sleep, Wes was happy to discuss how his approach to pre-match meals has evolved over the years; ‘I find now that I’m happy to fuel up with a healthy nutritious meal the night before, have a great night’s sleep, and then only opt for something light before the match begins, preferably protein or carb packed. Your metabolism slows down the older you get so it’s good to reassess things for a better life. Finally, a note on how Manchester United has evolved and changed since we left;

‘since I’ve left there has also been the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson who was such a huge part of the club. The hardest part about football is leaving and I still miss playing for united, who gave me such amazing experiences such as the Barcelona semi final of 2008 and the treble win. When I first joined united I had to jump on the 197 bus from Long sight to Old Trafford usually in my kit, I’m guessing they have their forms of transport now!’

Wes Brown