Welcome to MLILY Robin Thorpe


Welcome to MLILY Robin Thorpe

Mlily is proud to welcome Dr Robin Thorpe as Ambassador and Global Sleep Scientist for the company.

After his involvement in the design of the Manchester United Dream+ mattress, alongside his work as Senior Sports Scientist at Manchester United, Robin played an invaluable role in the company partnership.

Alongside stressing the importance of sleep health and a great mattress when it comes to fuelling recovery, Robin was also able to lend his insight to Mlily when it came to creating articles and posts focusing on regeneration and rest.

A Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with a PhD ( Fatigue in elite athletes) from Liverpool John Moores University, Robin left Manchester United earlier this year to become Director of Performance and Innovation at the Altis World Athletics Centre in Phoenix, furthering his insight into rest and recovery.

‘We’re delighted to welcome Robin into the MLILY team. After his impressive work over at Manchester United and his involvement in the creation of the Dream +, we’ve seen where his skills can take us before, and we’re excited to see where they’ll further us to this time as well.’

-James Ni, CEO Mlily

From having a direct insight into the components and developments of MLILY to providing input regarding social media content, Robin will also be able to delve deeper into the science of sleep and recovery with a specific link to sports and athletes. Robin’s work is certainly destined to push the boundaries further when it comes to creating new Mlily sleep designs and innovation.

We have lots of exciting projects in the making that we are keen to get Robin involved in, not only to create amazing products for our customers but to also produce informative content that they can both engage with and learn from.’

-Pomi Khan, CEO Mlily UK


Sleep health is important for everyone, and having such a renowned expert in the field can help Mlily to further understand the importance of regeneration, recovery and rest when it comes to a better life.


‘I am extremely excited to join MLILY as Ambassador and Global Sleep Scientist. I have worked alongside MLILY for the last 3 years and have always been impressed with their drive to innovate and push the boundaries in this growing industry. I am looking forward to assisting MLILY in their vision to become world leaders in producing the best innovative products to enhance sleep, and also to grow the knowledge base of the importance of sleep, rest and recovery for both athletes and the general population.’

Dr Robin Thorpe, Director of Performance and Innovation, Altis


Mlily is proud to welcome Robin as an ambassador for the company and is keen to see where his scientific input will lead. #redefiningsleep