Weather and Motivation #betterlife

All this rainy weather getting you down? Struggling to get motivated?

Take a look at our tips below for boosting your enthusiasm, even when the weather outside is looking grim.

Home Workouts

Low mood can be directly linked to inactivity, with a lack of exercise causing a decrease in the feel good hormone, serotonin.

If the rainy weather is getting you down, but you don’t really fancy heading outdoors for a soaking wet run, a great idea is to opt for a home workout instead.

From specialised websites through to simple HIIT workout videos on YouTube, there are plenty of options to try, many of which can be done at home with no equipment!

Boost your mood and stay dry, what’s not to love!?

Hot baths

Not only are hot baths amazing for warming up us and keeping us cosy, a hot bath come the evening can be a great form of self care, wonderful for fighting the winter, rainy blues.

Add lavender or chamomile to your bath for a nourishing and sleep inducing experience, amazing for keeping you happy and consequently, motivated for the following day.


Rainy, grey weather can not only have an impact on our mood, it can also directly affect our health. During the darker months, it can be tricky to top up on the correct levels of vitamin D we need for healthy living.

With light and sunshine contributing to a healthy sleep come the evening, it’s important to top up during the colder periods with a multivitamin and some vitamin D drops for a boost in energy and motivation.

Healthy Diet

The majority of components that make up our mood and motivation occur in the gut!

A healthy diet means a great mood, and keeping your digestion happy during the colder months can help to stop the rainy weather from getting you down and can also help to boost your enthusiasm for the new day.

A healthy gut all comes down to a good dose of healthy bacteria, commonly found in probiotics and fermented foods, from live culture yoghurts through to soy and pickled veg.

Try balancing your gut for a mood boost in the colder months.

Get Outdoors

Although it can be tricky to face the idea of heading out in the rain during the colder, wet months, it can actually be good for us to get outside.

Not only can fresh air be wonderful for our overall health, it can boost our mood, increase our energy levels and improve cardiovascular health.

Wrap up warm and head outdoors for half an hour each day this week to stay invigorated and ready for the day ahead.

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