Watch Me Rise

May say MLILY release their latest commercial ‘Watch Me Rise’, a video focused on the importance of letting your nights empower your days.

Following three women, the video focuses on them throughout their day, all of them energised through a great night’s sleep with MLILY.

Take a look at the video below. #watchmerise


To raise awareness on the importance of empowerment and motivation, MLILY teamed up with award winning life coach and mentor Emma Mumford.

‘Having a good nights sleep is super important no matter what your superpower is in life.
Sleeping well is vital in running my own business as it allows me to rest, recharge and feel energised in the morning to take on the day and kick ass.’ – Emma Mumford

Emma was able to delve into the importance of the video, sharing the message with her followers and working to inform people on the impact of a great nights’ sleep when it comes to motivation in your everyday life.

Aside form her life coaching, running her business, appearing on TV and public speaking, Emma also runs a blog and YouTube channel, as well as hosting her own inspiring podcast, which now has over 150,000 steams!

‘It has been an absolute pleasure working with Mlily on their ‘Watch Me Rise’ campaign, I love the message behind the campaign and the empowerment that it brings to women to really prioritise rest in order to conquer their day. Mlily are a great brand and it’s been a pleasure working with them as an ambassador for this campaign.’

-Emma Mumford

Emma stands as a brilliant ambassador for Watch Me Rise because she champions the importance of sleep for success, progress and growth.

The opportunity to switch off our minds and rest our bodies come the evening is vital, and often overlooked in importance when it comes to working hard and succeeding.

Watch Me Rise stands for all women powered through their day by a great night sleep, whatever their profession.

Thank you to Emma for helping us to spread the message of letting you nights ultimately empower your days.



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