Warm Weather and Healthy Diet #betterlife

According to studies, we eat 200 less calories a day during the hotter months, as our bodies reach for lighter snacks, fresh fruit and plenty of vegetables.ย 

If you’re looking for some simple tips on staying healthy during the warm months when it comes to diet, then discover our tips below.ย 

Eat your water

A brilliant way to ensure adequate hydration during the warmer months is to reach for moisture rich fruits.

Snacking on foods such as mango and watermelon can not only be healthy, but can also provide plenty of liquid to restore our bodies’ hydration levels, preventing headaches and helping us to feel more awake.

Grabbing fresh fruit and salads can also top up our vitamin C levels, improving our skin and boosting our immunity for a better life.

Stay hydrated

Ensuring adequate hydration as the days get hotter is pretty essential when it comes to healthy living during the warmer months.

Aim for getting at least 2 litres of water a day into your system, that’s around 8 glasses of the stuff!

Roast Vegetables

The warmer months definitely offer up the opportune time for a BBQ, with many people flocking into their gardens to cook up a storm. Whilst focusing on proteins is an essential part of any grilling experience, it’s also handy to put some vegetables on the heat as well!

Grilling veg such as courgettes and aubergines can not only be delicious when drizzled with olive oil and seasoning, but they can also supply a good dose of pectin, perfect for lowering cholesterol and aiding heart health.


Protein packed, portion controlled and easy to enjoy as a healthy alternative to ice cream in the warmer months, yoghurt is the ultimate sunshine snack. Try adding nuts, seeds and fresh fruit into your pot for a healthy treat.

Dark, leafy greens

Opting for smoothies whizzed up with plenty of dark leafy greens such as kale and spinach can be a great way to top up your vitamin A levels during the warmer months. Chuck some ice cubes into the blender to keep your beverage nice and cool.

Keep topped up on supplements

The warmer months does not mean that coughs and sniffles completely disappear, with summer colds being a common occurrence.

Keep your health high by continuing to take any supplements you take in the winter. If you’re struggling to discover what works for you, opt for a simple multivitamin each morning to keep you balanced.

Snack on nuts

Nuts can be a great snack during the summer as their packed with mono and poly unsaturated fats, perfect for lowering cholesterol levels to get you feeling your best during the hotter months.


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