Luxury Gel-Enhanced Memory Pillow

The Vitality is was crafted in collaboration with the Regeneration and Recovery scientists at Manchester United. It’s the same pillow that the players and coaching staff sleep on, and is the perfect compliment to the Dream mattress series.

Built for elite performers, this pillow combines the best of Cool-Gel Comfort Foam with an added Gel Pad that sits just below the head, creating a cooler, more comfortable sleep experience.

Memory Foam

Memory Foam for the better feeling of luxurious support and pressure relief.

Better Feeling

Formulated to be soft and supportive as well as durable consistent.

Cool Comfort Gel

Cool Gel is the ultimate in cooling technology and in this pillow there is a pad of cool gel bellow the head area to create an immediate cooling comfort

Infused Cool Gel

Cool gel infused into the memory forma to further enhance your cooler sleeping experience.