Top Tips for Running in the Winter

It’s not exactly easy to get yourself out the door and jogging first thing in the morning, so when the temperature falls and the mornings get darker, it tends to be even more difficult.

Although tricky to do, heading out for a run each morning can be extremely beneficial. It’s great for boosting endorphins, it’s excellent for waking you up and it can be perfect for boosting energy levels!

So, if you’re still interested in giving it all a go, check out these tips here for getting up, out the house and running before you’ve even left for work!

Get enough sleep

The most important part of exercising in the morning, is ensuring that you have the energy to do so. By setting an evening routine and a fixed sleep time for each night, you can ensure that you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to get out the door. Aim for 8 hours sleep to feel ready for the day, yet if your work outs become more intense, increase your sleep time for an increased recovery period.

Wear the right shoes

Winter can throw a variety of different weather conditions at you so it’s important to remember that you can’t simply wear the same shoes every time you run. Opt for shoes with a lot of traction and a sturdy sole, and go for thick, warming socks to keep your feet dry and comfortable.

Embrace the layers

One of the main downsides of running in the morning can be the fact that it’s usually pretty freezing! Despite this, it’s important to not just throw one big layer on – you’ll get hot far too quickly, and if you remove it, you’ll get too cold just as fast. A great tip is to layer up, with a long sleeved thermal, a t shirt and then a jumper, this way you can slowly remove them as you run, the warmer you get.


If you’re struggling to get moving, wash your face with warm water to gently wake up your senses. Although it’s advised to simply splash with cold to wake yourself up, it’s probably best to start lukewarm and gradually get colder until you’re truly awake.

Have a light pre-breakfast

It can be tricky to motivate yourself to get running outside if you’ve sat down to a hearty breakfast. A great tip is to wake up and grab a banana or a protein bar, drink down a black coffee and get outside. This pre-breakfast approach is perfect as it gives you the energy you need whilst avoiding feelings of sickness or bloat. Having a healthy breakfast to look forward to on return is also a great incentive to get out there and run.

Get warmed up

It’s probably not the best idea to jump straight outside into a jog. Do a quick warm up inside, maybe some stretches or a quick youtube fitness video to get your muscles warm and to raise your body temperature. This way when you get outside, it’s usually not that hard to start moving. Not only is warming up great for increasing body temperature, it’s also vital for avoiding injury!

Change Quickly

When you’ve finished your run, it’s important to change quickly. Although you might feel super warm after your work out, your body temperature can drop rapidly after you stop moving. Remove wet clothing and head for a warm shower as soon as you can, if your hair is long, dry it as soon as you can with heat.

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