Tips for relaxing before a new week

We’ve all suffered with the Sunday night blues at one point in our life, whether it’s the Sunday before going back to school after the summer holidays or before an important week in work.Β 

Read on for ways you can make the most of the weekend and prepare for the new week ahead, as stress free as possible..

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Plan something each weekend

Having something to look forward to on the weekend to keep your mind occupied. Whether it’s a family meal, a catch-up with friends or a shopping trip, having something to do on your days off means you don’t feel like you’ve wasted the weekend.

Enjoy some ‘me time’ during Sunday evening

Take time to switch off a couple of hours before bed to relax and wind down. Do something you enjoy, such as running a bath with candles, reading a book or taking a brisk evening walk. This is a great way to clear your head and feel positive ready to take on the new week.

Limit your use of technology in the evening too, as it can have an affect on our mental health when we begin comparing our own weekend plans to others.

Make the most of the hours you have

Sometimes a lazy Sunday is needed after a tiring week or little sleep, but sometimes lying in bed until the afternoon can do more harm than good for our mental health.

Prepare for Monday on a Friday

Get organised for the new week before the weekend begins! This means planning lunch and washing your uniform on the Friday before, to settle the stress on Sunday.

Don’t put off tasks until the Monday morning, such as big phone calls or emailing clients back. Getting large tasks out the way for the weekend means you won’t dread coming back to them on Monday morning.



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