Tips for relaxing bedroom interior

More and more of us have been switching up our homes during the pandemic due to spending more time at home. Although interior design and DIY is fun for some, it’s challenging and full of too much decision making for others.

Having a relaxing bedroom is great for overall better sleep, since it can have an impact our mood in a positive way by creating a calming and cosy atmosphere. Whether you’re looking to re-design or just touch up your bedroom, here are some great tips for a relaxing interior…


  • Separate your work space

Is your bedroom also your office? This may not be a great idea for everyone. If you feel you can’t relax and switch off in your room during free time, consider moving your desk to another area of your home. Keeping work and rest separate is key to a health lifestyle.

  • Customise your bed

Plenty of pillows, cushions and throws make for a cosy and comfortable looking bed. After all, we spend a third of our life sleeping- so having the best bed possible will make sleep even better!


  • Consider the wall colours

The colour of our walls can have a huge impact on our mood. For example, neutral and earthy colours are a great way to help you relax and feel grounded, where as brighter colours are likely to make you feel more lively. Consider if a particular colour would affect your mood positively or negatively when changing the wall colour.


  • Keep decor simple

Going overboard with decor can make a room appear cluttered and busy. Keeping decor simple is a great way to add character to a room, and is very affective. Keeping wall art or frames to a minimum is key to a relaxing room, too.


  • Use storage to your advantage

The less clutter the better! Having handy storage spaces can make it easier when it comes to cleaning up and it keeps everything organised. There are so many types of decorative storage solutions, too!


  • Take inspiration from your favourite hotel room designs

A great tip for bedroom interior. Create a vision board of room design inspiration from hotels you have stayed in that made you feel relaxed.