Tips for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep When Your Partner Snores

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Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for your physical and mental health. However, this can be impacted by your partner. Snoring can make it challenging to get to sleep. It also impacts your partner, who will be left feeling guilty. The good news is that this doesn’t need to be the case. Let’s look at some of the easiest tips you can use to overcome a snoring partner. 


Change Their Sleeping Position

One of the easiest ways to stop them from snoring is to change their sleeping position. Often, the snoring will be occurring when they are lying on their back. This is because their body position is constricting their airways. Instead, try to encourage them to sleep on their side. This should open them up, stopping the vibration in their throat. Another good tip is to give them a glass of water before bed. This will lubricate the throat and should lower the volume of their snoring. 

Wear Soft Earbuds

Another option that you might want to explore is a pair of soft earbuds. These will make it easier for you to block out the noise of their snoring. When you are trying to get to sleep, try to avoid focusing on snoring. At first, this will be a challenge. But the more you practice, the easier it will be to push it to the back of your mind. 

Use Two Sleep Routines

The next thing you can try is varying your sleep routine. Give yourself a few hours to get to sleep, and then your partner can come into bed. The hope with this technique is that by the time they start snoring, you will already be fast asleep. If you are planning on doing this, use a motion isolating mattress. This will ensure that they don’t wake you up by coming into bed. 

Use a Background Noise

Often, the worst thing is to lie there listening to your partner snoring. Because of this, it can often be helpful to have some background noise. This will allow you to take your mind off the noise. There are plenty of ways that you can do this. Some people will prefer to play nature noises. Others will enjoy listening to relaxing music. At other times a white noise machine might be a good option. 

Optimize Your Sleeping Environment

Your bedroom will have a big role to play in determining how comfortable you will feel when you are sleeping. There are lots of simple things you can do to create a calming sleep environment. First, it’s important to make sure that the room is dark. Try to limit the use of technology before bed. This will emit blue light which can cause you to stay awake. 

It’s also important to look at the bedding. Choose a comfortable mattress that gives you the right amount of spinal support. Next, you’ll want to the pillows. It’s a good idea to get something that will be made from a breathable fabric. This will stop you from sweating during the night. If you want some tips on finding the right ones, check out this organic latex pillows buying guide. 

Ask Your Partner to See a Doctor

Sometimes, snoring can be a sign of a serious underlying health condition. For example, it might mean that they have sleep apnea, which can sometimes cause people to stop breathing during the night. Some of the signs that this might be the case include that they are can sound like they are choking when they snore and that they get restless during the day. 

Once they are diagnosed, the doctor will be able to help them treat the condition. This can sometimes mean having to wear a mask during the night. While this might not stop them from snoring, at least you know that they are safe. 

Sleep in Separate Rooms

While there are lots of techniques you can use to try to sleep with a snoring partner, sometimes they won’t be effective. It might be best, for both of you, if you stay in separate bedrooms during the night. Just because you aren’t sharing a bed doesn’t mean that your relationship is in trouble. In fact, getting the right amount of sleep each night could be key to building a stronger partnership. 


If one partner snores in the bedroom, it can cause a lot of problems. There are plenty of tips you can use to overcome this. The most effective technique, though, is to be willing to compromise. Talk about the situation with your partner and try to find a solution that will benefit both of you. If you can do this, you should be able to get a good night’s sleep even if your partner is snoring. 


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