Tips for Daily Productivity

We all want to feel more productive from time to time, as areas of life can get on top of us and become overwhelming. When we’re tired or stress, our motivation levels drop which can lead us to think we’re falling behind on areas in our life.

Stop and take some time out to read through some tips that we’ve put together to help you find motivation when you most need it…


  • Write a list to get it out of your head

When we have lots of tasks on our mind, it can become messy and overwhelming. By just writing your to-do list out on paper, it takes all the stress of tasks out of your head and becomes easier to tackle.


  • Establish maintenance days

Having designated days for laundry, cleaning and general tidying is key to staying motivated and not falling back on jobs that need doing at home. Getting into a weekly routine like this is key.

  • Shorten your schedule and say no more often

It may seem okay to agree to extra work or plans in the moment, but are you doing too much and wearing yourself thin? Put yourself first, it’s the best way to take control of your life, health and mind.


  • Stop multitasking

9 times out of 10, multitasking is more damaging than it is affective. Get into the habit of finishing a task at one time to prevent gong back and forth to numerous ones- that will just slow you down in the long run.

  • Organise your working and living environment

Another obvious one, but keeping both your work desk and living space organised is key for a clearer mind and better organisation. Utilise storage and consider having a mini tidy-up on your desk every time you finish work for example.

  • Most importantly, prevent burnout and don’t overwhelm yourself

Life becomes busy, but don’t let it pile up to a point where you’re drained of any motivation at all- this is also known as burnout. Take regular time out to relax and practice self-care when you’re feeling stressed.