The Ultimate Sleep Foods #betterlife

Leading a healthy lifestyle can not only help your energy levels – it can also improve your sleep quality, and the best place to start when it comes to healthy living, is healthy food.

Check out these top sleep boosting foods, which are bound to make you feel drowsy come evening time.

Warm milk and honey

It’s a well known tale that warm milk before bed can help you drift to sleep – and this is certainly the case. To increase the restful properties, add a tea spoon of honey to your mug. The pop in glucose causes an increase in drowsiness, sending you off to sleep.


Vitamin B12 has been known to improve the symptoms of insomnia and alleviate stress. The easiest way to consume it is through beans. Try whizzing up a bean burger for your evening meal, or have them in a salad to make the most of their sleep boosting properties. Another brilliant source of B6 is tuna, enjoy it in your evening meal to ensure you fall asleep soundly.


Although usually seen as a breakfast food, porridge oats is packed full of complex carbs which increase insulin levels, hence making way for the sleep causing hormones melatonin and tryptophan. Bake some oat cookies for your evening desert, enjoy with a warm glass of milk and you’ll be dozing off before you know it.

Herbal Tea

Although it does pop up in every sleep tip out there, herbal tea really is a vital part of a relaxing evening before bed. Opt for caffeine free options of course, and enjoy either dandelion or chamomile to send you off to snooze.


A healthy evening snack definitely comes in the form of fresh yoghurt. Enjoy some with fresh berries and a handful of nuts in the evening before bed. The large dose of calcium in the yoghurt helps with the production of sleep inducing hormones tryptophan and melatonin.


Staying on the topic of calcium, green vegetables such as kale and spinach are packed full of it. Whizz up a green smoothie before bed, complete with a few sleep inducing, carb heavy bananas, and you’re bound to feel rested. Add an apple for a kick of vitamin C, to make sure that you wake up full of energy and ready for the day.


Packed with sleep causing tryptophan, walnuts are the perfect bedtime snack. Not only are they great for de stressing, they’re also packed with healthy facts and perfect for sending you off to sleep.