The Snooze Button : Do’s and Don’ts 🕒

Have you been struggling with the snooze button lately?

For many, waking up each morning can be a real struggle, and for many, hitting the snooze button is an all too easy trait to pick up.

No matter how tempting it is to hit snooze, the dangers of the snooze button are numerous, often causing sleep inertia by letting us slip back into deep sleep, only to be awoken ten minutes later!

Check out the dangers below and a few tips on how to avoid hitting snooze…

The Dangers of the Snooze Button

When you hit the snooze button, you are allowing your mind to quickly fall back into another sleep cycle, which it has the potential to stay in for many hours (hence the mad panic waking up hours later). Snoozing is so dangerous because after ten minutes, your body is hauled out of a deep REM sleep cycle, which can be pretty painful!

If the wake up call is too much to handle, and you end up hitting the snooze again, you’ll sink back into another sleep cycle, back out of it, and back into it again, causing extreme grogginess, headaches and irritability!

How to Avoid the Snooze Button

Don’t worry, there are plenty of different techniques you can try in order to avoid hitting snooze, take a look at them before.

-Put your alarm clock on other side of the room!

A great tip to avoid hitting snooze is to put your alarm clock on the other side of the room on loud. This way, you’ll have to get up, walk across the room and actively turn off the alarm. From there, it’s best to head to the bathroom to splash your face with cold water to ensure that you’re awake and ready for the day.

-Change Up Your Alarm Clock

Change up your alarm clock! Your mind tends to associate certain sounds with certain emotions, and if you’ve been getting up early for the past few years to the same old alarm sound, your mind is probably going to associate that sound with discomfort.

Mix up your alarm to an upbeat and enthusiastic tune and you’ll be up in no time…

-Embrace the Light

Light is directly linked to alertness and wakefulness. If you’re struggling on getting moving in the morning, leave your blinds open before you head to bed. This way, your body will slowly wake up as the sun rises and comes into your window!

-Head to Bed Early

One of the more simple techniques for avoiding the snooze button, head to bed early.

It’s simple, the earlier you head to bed, the earlier you’ll naturally wake each morning, often without the need for an alarm or a snooze button.

-Make a playlist

Make a playlist! Music is directly linked to serotonin levels, and by playing your favourite tunes as soon as you wake up, you’ll activate your feel good hormones and be up and moving in no time.

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