The Importance of Morning Workouts

Although for many, waking up early each morning to opt for a workout seems pretty tricky to do, there are many benefits that come with exercising in the early hours, take a look at our top pick below.ย 

Faster Metabolism

Morning workouts can be brilliant for boosting the overall speed of your metabolism.

Even just one ten minute workout can burn up to 100 calories!

One of these each day for a week and you’ve burnt 700 extra calories, a sure fire way boost your overall metabolic rate.

More Free Time

Although many people opt for working out after a day at work, finding the motivation to head to the gym when all you want to do is head home can be pretty tough.

Not only that, but heading to the gym after work can also be pretty time consuming, eating into other important activities such as hobbies and spending time with family.

Working out in the morning means that your work out is complete by the time you leave the house, so you can indulge in some rest after a day at work.

Energy Boosting

Do you struggle with your energy in the morning?

Opting for a morning workout could be the answer.

Not only do morning workouts boost awareness, they’re also great for increasing energy levels and can help you to head out the door faster than if you were to spend a little longer in bed.

Less Distractions

One of the main perks of morning workouts is that there are fewer distractions in the morning than there are later into the day.

If you’re one to get distracted on the phone or cooking food, instead of heading to the gym, then an evening workout can be tricky to navigate.

Working out early morning comes with little to no distractions, not to mention the fact that there is something calming about getting active before everybody else is awake.

Boosted Mood

Exercise is a natural mood booster because it releases the happy hormone ‘serotonin’.

Opting for a quick workout each morning will mean that you’re packed with serotonin to start your day!

A guaranteed way to ensure a spring in your step.

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