The Clocks Spring Forward : How to Prepare 🌼 🌻

On Sunday 31st March, the clocks will effectively spring forward by one whole hour, meaning lighter mornings, but also one hour less in bed.

For some, the loss of one whole hour of sleep which their body has essentially adapted to over the past few months  – can be pretty hard to handle.

Check out these top tips for cracking the clock changing code, to ensure that you’re still feeling yourself, despite one less hour in bed.


The key to every change in life, make sure that you prepare beforehand.

One of the most difficult things of the clocks changing is the difficult morning get up.

A great way around this is to ease your way in. For example, if you usually wake up at 8am, on the Monday before the change, wake up at 07:50am, on Tuesday – 07:40am, and so on until Sunday, when you will be able to wake up with ease!

Early Nights

If you’re worrying about waking up after the clocks change, the solution is pretty simple: head to bed earlier than usual.

Getting in a good 8-9 hours sleep the night before will mean that your body will find it easier to cope with the changes.

Avoid Alcohol

Avoid alcohol the night before the clocks change.

Although this could be seen as a tricky one, as the night before the clocks change for 2019 is in fact Saturday, avoid drinking a large amount of alcohol the night before and you’ll find waking up much easier than if you were nursing a hangover.

Trial Sleep Foods

Try out some sleep foods! Opt for a variety of sleep foods to enjoy during the week before the clocks change, to encourage a good nights’ rest and an easy experience come the morning.

Opting for banana rich smoothies, evening oat meal and snacking on almonds and walnuts can be brilliant for encouraging sleep, and all stand as part of a healthy diet and routine.

Embrace the Tiredness

Embrace being tired! If none of the tips above work, and you end up spending your Sunday feeling absolutely exhausted, then it’s probably best to power on through the day!

This way, you’ll fall asleep early easily come the evening and wake on Monday morning feeling ready for the week ahead!

Embrace the Light

Embrace the light, there’s one less hour in bed but there’s plenty more light!

If you’re struggling with the spring forward, then throw open the curtains and let in the light, you’ll be feeing awake and rested in no time.

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