The Best Pre Work Out Meals #betterlife

It can be tricky at times to explore the best foods to eat before every workout. Consume a large meal before heading out for a jog, and there’s definitely some discomfort, eat nothing before working out and tiredness and fatigue seems to set in quick.

Not only is exercise great for your body and mental health, it can also be a great sleep aid come evening time- so finding out the best foods to eat before working out is the best way to make sure that you perform at your peak.

Check out this guide to cracking the code when it comes to pre work out meals, from bananas packed with potassium through to almond butter and apples.


The most ideal of pre workout meals, porridge oats are packed full of slow release carbs which are bound to power you through a work out.

Make sure you consume them at least two hours before a workout to prevent bloating and cramping during exercise. Not only is porridge brilliant at powering you through your workout, it has also been found to contain essential vitamins, minerals and a good dose of fibre to fuel your body and keep you healthy.

Sweet Potato

Sweet potato provides a good dose of energy and slow release carbohydrates for your workout. Sweet potato also contains copper, which really helps out with healthy muscle growth, and vitamin C, which helps to prevent the breakdown of muscle.

Protein Snacks

If you’re on the go, it can be tricky to find a good pre workout snack.

This is why it’s best to bring some along with you. Quick and easy pre-workout snacks come in the form of protein bars, they’re usually packed with around 20g of protein and are a great pre-workout treat.

An alternative to this is a protein shake, although it’s best to consume these around an hour before exercise as they can contain a lot of liquid. Other protein rich pre workout snacks include lean meat and hard boiled eggs.


Blueberries are a great pre-workout snack, packed full of complex carbohydrates, they’re perfect to munch on before heading out for a jog. Blueberries can also be great for fighting the signs of premature ageing, which can occur due to exercise.

Almond Butter

Much healthier than the more popular peanut butter, almond butter is brilliant for energy, it’s also unprocessed- meaning it’s low on salts, sugars and disguised fats.

Almond butter also contains a good dose of healthy fats and is packed full of protein. Try some with freshly cut apple for a great pre-workout meal.


Bananas are a great pre workout snack. Packed with carbohydrates and a good does of potassium for energy, having a banana around half an hour before working out is perfect for those energy levels. They’re also super portable and easy to pack, meaning you can eat them on the go before heading to the gym.


Coco’s healthy counterpart, cacao is perfect for a pre workout smoothie. Simply blend some frozen bananas with the powder for a great energy kick! The good dose of dopamine from the cacao, complete with caffeine gives a great boost for any workout.

Cacao is also packed full of anti-inflammatory factors which can also help to fight sore muscles!