The Benefits of Getting Outdoors

For a lot of us, the Winter months and unpredictable weather are enough to put us off those early morning walks before we start the day. But did you know that there’s countless benefits for your physical and mental health to getting yourself some fresh air each day? Find out why…

It’s good for your digestive system

Fresh air increases the flow of oxygen, helping you digest food. This is particularly great if you’re looking to lose weight or regulate your digestive system if it’s been feeling a little sluggish.

Helps improve blood pressure and heart rate

Avoid polluted environments particularly if you need to improve your blood pressure. Places with busy traffic such as crowded city centres should be avoided as much as possible, as the body will need to work harder to get the amount of oxygen it needs over polluted car fumes.

Fresh air makes you happier

The more fresh air you get, the more oxygen you will breathe which will increase the amount of serotonin (the happy hormone) you inhale, consequently making you feel better mentally.

It strengthens your immune system

By increasing the amount of fresh air we get we will increase the amount of oxygen which helps our white blood cells function properly by fighting and killing bacteria and germs.

It clears your lungs

Your lungs dilate more from having an increase of oxygen so fresh air improves the cleansing of your lungs. You release airborne toxins from your body when exhaling through your lungs.

Gives you more energy and a sharper mind

Have you noticed that spending time outside helps you feel brighter and ready to get back to work? More oxygen results in greater brain functioning, improving your concentration skills and providing you with more energy.

In addition, venturing outside will also help you produce vitamin D from the sun (when it does come out), which is essential for many bodily functions including supporting our immune system, strengthening our bones, teeth and much more.




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