Tech tips for better sleep

Technology is evolving every day and allowing us to adapt and make continuous progress in the world of health. What’s more, technology is a lot more accessible for us at home to help us look after our own health and wellbeing.

Gadgets and technology that are specifically designed for sleep have grown rapidly in the past 5 years. From apps that track our pattern of sleep to wearable accessories, it’s become a successful market to support our health and lifestyle.

If you’re looking for gadgets to help aid you with your sleep, we’ve researched some of the best tech to invest in… 

Sleepace Sleep Dot

Wearable technology such as smartwatches to track your sleep aren’t for everyone, especially if you’re not used to wearing anything on your wrist. The Sleep Dot is a great way to track your sleep through the night- simply slot it into your pillow case and it’ll keep track of your sleep cycles and body movement. At only £25 it’s a great addition, plus it has an option to wake you up with ease in the morning to soothing sounds.

Purchase the Sleepace Sleep Dot here

Mlily Bamboo range

Here at Mlily, we work hard to create mattresses and pillows that are designed to work with you to help you achieve the best sleep to aid a healthy lifestyle. Our newest range is specially created with Bamboo Charcoal infused memory foam, designed to help regulate moisture, odour and temperature for a healthier and more complete sleep.

Investing in a good, quality mattress not only improves your quality of sleep but your quality of life.

View the range here:

Calm meditation app Sleep Stories

Sleep and relaxation apps have become a big part of people’s lives who typically suffer from insomnia and anxiety. Calm, a meditation app, has developed Sleep Stories to help you unwind from the day with relaxing stories and calming tales. With over 100 different stories to listen to, they’re perfect for switching off and getting you ready for bed.

Purchase the app from the App or Android store, or purchase from

Mlily Premier Gel Ice pillow range

Temperature can have a huge effect on our ability to sleep, especially when it’s too warm at night. Discover our Mlily Premier Gel Ice range of pillows, designed with the adaptable comfort of our M-Flow+ Memory Foam with the refreshing feel of our Cool Gel Technology. Hand-crafted Ice Fabric delivers a cooler sleep surface, ensuring you get the deeper, more complete night’s sleep you’ve always needed.

The perfect combination of comfort and support that moulds to the contours of your head and neck, naturally aligning your spine and adapting to you.

View the Premier Gel Ice range here:

Fitbit Versa 2 smartwatch

The popularity of wearable tech has increased for many reasons. Take the Fitbit for example, isn’t just a popular accessory for fitness gurus, but it’s become an everyday essential for anybody. What’s more, it’s comfortable and available in a range of styles.

What makes this wearable piece of tech unique is the app you connect it to which uses the accelerometer and heart-rate monitor to estimate how long you spend in light, deep and REM sleep stages, as well the time you are awake, giving you an overall sleep score.

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