TCP Memory 500

The 500 is the upgraded version of the TCP Memory 200. We added a thicker layer of our supple Temperature Cooling Particle Technology Memory Foam and combined it with an extra-supportive layer of our firm Flex Support Foam. Two layers, one result: a cooler, more comfortable night’s sleep with Mlily.

Flex Support Foam

TCP Technology

Memory Foam

Removable Cover

1. Mlily Quilted TCP Memory Foam. Our sleep scientists crafted a layer of specially quilted Comfort Memory Foam embedded with our Temperature Cooling Particle Technology for an adaptive, more refreshing feel. 2 cm

2. Mlily TCP Memory Foam. We’ve added a second layer of our TCP embedded Memory Foam for increased comfort and pressure relief. 3 cm

3. Flex Support Foam. We’ve added a bottom layer of our Flex Support Foam to provide you you with that extra level of support you need to sleep more completely. 15 cm

Available Sizes Width Length
Single 90cm 190cm
Twin 120cm 190cm
Double 135cm 190cm
King 150cm 200cm