Stay Healthy and Safe On Holiday💚 #betterlife

Whilst heading on holiday can definitely be a time to switch off from the outside world and relax to the max, check out our article on enjoying your time away here – it’s also super important to keep healthy and happy whilst away. 

Take a look at our tips below for focusing on the healthy side of your time away, as well as our tips for taking these healthy tips back home with you too.

Keep Active

One of the easiest ways to keep healthy on holiday is to stay active.

Luckily, plenty of holidays include trips to the beach or time by the pool.

A good hour or so of swimming in the day can be brilliant cardio – just make sure you use some sun screen.

Other fitness options whilst away can range from hiring bikes, walking often for sight seeing or heading out for a morning run before the sun gets too hot.

Focus on Feeling Good

Focus on feeling good and choosing the right foods for this.

On holiday, it can be super easy to fall into an over reliance on processed convenience food, which although delicious, can definitely play a role in making us feel fatigued, sluggish and bloated.

Focus on the good stuff. Healthy snacks such as watermelon or hummus and dips by the pool can be great for light options. Keep hydrated in the day time and opt for lean meats and vegetables in the evening in order to feel your best.

Stay Hydrated

The cornerstone of keeping healthy on holiday : stay hydrated.

Keeping a reusable bottle on you at all times can be brilliant for staying healthy whilst on holiday in the heat, it can also be great for sleep too!

Take a look at our article here on the links between healthy sleep and hydration.

Keep Organised

A great way to minimise any unwanted stress on holiday would be to keep organised and aware of everything you will need.

Keeping all important travel documents together can be perfect for reducing worry, whilst ensuring that all information concerning any bookings is on you at all times.

Staying informed can be great for reducing stress, leading to a healthier sleep and a better life.

Stay Safe

If you’re opting for a travel orientated holiday, a great idea for a happy and healthy experience would be to stay safe whilst abroad.

Ensuring a working phone for contact and giving friends and family the necessary information to contact you on would be the best option for this.

Get Insured and Vaccinated

Get yourself insured. When it comes to any holiday, a quick google and insurance purchase for often less than £15 can be a great way to travel healthy and travel safe. Likewise, if you’re travelling to a country you’ve never been to before, it would also be a good idea to visit your local GP to discuss any potential vaccinations you may need for the journey ahead.

Stay healthy – keep relaxed and happy for a #betterlife and a great holiday.