Stay confident with these Sports’ Health Tips

For many, sports and exercise are part of a daunting and unknown world. It can be tricky to start up a sport you love if you’re lacking in the relevant knowledge around the topic or if you are intimidated by the opinions of others- whether that’s in the gym or out on the field.

A healthy body means a healthy mind –  work out for you – no matter what any else thinks.

Check out our advice below for boosting confidence when it comes to exercise.

Get a good nights’ sleep.

It all starts with a good nights’ sleep. By ensuring that you get 7-9 hours each night, you’re setting yourself up for a boost in confidence and mood. Being super rested will also mean that you’ll be keen to get moving.

Exercise with friends.

Exercising with friends can be a great confidence boost. Living in a world where we are surrounded by perfect images online, it’s great to go for a sweaty run with your friend who has decided to wear their four-year-old trainers, every little does really help.

Don’t be afraid of failure.

It’s very easy to worry about what people might think about you when you take up a new sport. For example, nearly three quarters of women surveyed stated that they would like to work out but are simply too intimidated to do and I’m sure the same can be said for plenty of men.

The important thing to remember is that everybody must start somewhere and that there is always room for growth and improvement- it’s always good to never be afraid of failure.

Focus on doing your best.

The pressures of starting a new sport can come complete with the push of others around you. It’s very easy to forget all your achievements when you see how much more other people have achieved and it’s even easier to throw all your achievements in the bin if someone makes a rude comment towards your progress.

By focusing on yourself and refusing to compare your achievements to anyone else, confidence seems to come naturally.

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