Spring Fatigue : Causes and Cures

For many, spring fatigue doesn’t make sense, with the sun shining, mood should be high, but for some, spring lethargy is a real thing which can manifest in low mood, exhaustion, irritability and even depression. 

Check out the causes and cures for spring fatigue here.


Spring lethargy is often referred to as ‘reverse seasonal affective disorder’. In the winter, low mood can often be caused by low light and increased melatonin sleep levels, in the spring, low mood can be caused by the increase in light, which our bodies can take a while to adjust to.

The increase in light can be a heavy burden on the body, which tends to be still full of sleep causing hormones from the winter! The resulting fatigue results in low mood and frustration.








There are plenty of remedies for spring fatigue, many of which are similar to remedies for seasonal affective disorder.

Take a look at them below!

-Spend more time outdoors!

Although the increase in sunlight can be a cause for spring fatigue, this doesn’t mean that you should avoid it!

Sunshine is directly linked to an increase in the ‘feel good’ hormone, serotonin, which has a direct link to boosting mood.

Embrace the sunlight.


Exercise is a great way to banish spring fatigue which can often manifest in dizziness and headaches.

Heading outside for a quick jog can really shake low mood, or even just opting for a home workout indoors can be great for a boost in energy!

-Stay Hydrated

The main symptom of spring fatigue can be headaches caused by the sudden increase in light.

A great way to get around this is to drink plenty of water!

Staying hydrated is the most affective way to banish tiredness and general fatigue.

Opt for a reusable water bottle and carry it everywhere to ensure that you’re hydrated on the go.

Symptoms of spring fatigue tend to disappear naturally by May, but the above tips and tricks can be perfect for encouraging a quick and effective recovery!