Sleeping Well with Hay Fever #betterlife

Now that we are entering the warmer months, many people are experiencing a dip in their sleep quality due to the impact of hay fever on their overall well being.ย 

Caused by the introduction of airborne pollen into our mouth, nose and eyes; hay fever can not only cause irritation, it can also lead to a blocked nose, sore eyes, headaches and breathing difficulties.

In a recent study, just over 83% of patients stated that their sleep was affected by their allergies, causing them to either wake in the night more often, or to take more time to fall asleep each evening.ย 

With hay fever affecting 1 in 4 people in the UK, this allergy poses a real threat to sleep quality and overall well being.ย 

Take a look at a few tips below to reduce the symptoms of hay fever, hence improving overall rest.

Clean Bedroom

Ensuring that your bedroom is clean and dust free can have a major impact on reducing allergies during the evening time and during sleep.

Have a good dust around the bedroom and pay close attention to any skirting boards which may have collected more grime than usual.

Paying close attention to a clean environment can reduce hay fever symptoms dramatically.

Shower Before Bed

A brilliant way to ensure a great night sleep without any allergies is to shower before bed.

Opting for a hot and steamy wash can be great for clearing your sinuses and washing off any pollen which may have collected during the daytime on your body.

Keep Clothes Clean

When you get in from your daily walk, opt for removing any clothing you’ve worn and giving them a wash to remove pollen.

Avoid hanging them outside to dry as this can defeat the object, for the garments will likely get covered in more pollen.

Keep an eye on your mattress

Most mattresses are expected to last about ten years before they need replacing, as they often pick up in their time plenty of dead skin cells, sweat, dust and dirt.

None of these additions are great for allergies, keep a close eye on your bed and look into getting a new one if it’s time to renew!

Reduce Stress

Several studies have shown that stress can dramatically increase the side effects of hay fever, taking steps to reduce anxiety during this odd time can have a positive affect on your allergies for a better life.


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