Sleeping Well In Winter #betterlife

Struggling to sleep as the nights get longer and colder? Take a look at our tips below for sleeping well this winter, from keeping those extremities warm through to timed heating.ย 

Don’t Wind Down Too Early

As the nights get dark quick in the winter, it can be tempting to wind down quite early, heading into bed to watch TV shows and even eat food from beneath the covers. Although this might feel comforting at the time, getting into bed too early can mean that come the time for sleep, we’re reluctant to drift off, staying up late into the night.

Opt for shutting the door on the bedroom during the colder months until it is time to actually head to bed for sleep.

Wrap up warm and keep moving within your home, cooking food, working out or spending time with loved ones. This way, when you actually head to bed, you’ll associate the space with sleep, leading to a great nights’ rest.

Leave the Window Open

It can be tempting to shut the windows tight as the nights get cold and frosty, however, opting for a warm and sweaty bedroom can make for an uncomfortable nights’ sleep, as our bodies are unable to cool down enough for a good rest.

Keep the window cracked open so that the air in the bedroom is cool, encouraging your body to fall to sleep fast, you can always opt for warm night wear and a thick duvet to keep the rest of your body warm.

Head for A Winter Walk

Heading out for a winter walk during the colder months can be amazing for encouraging a healthy winter sleep.

At least half an hour of fresh air and exercise can boost mood and energy levels, meaning that as we head to bed in the evening, our bodies are ready to switch off for sleep.

Opt for Timed Heating

A simple and affective way to ensure not only a great sleep but a wonderful morning get up, is to make sure that you’re heating flicks on in the moments before your alarm sounds.

This way, you can wake up to a gradually warming room, perfect for coaxing you out of bed in the colder months, for a wonderful day and a better life.