Sleeping Habits From Around the World #WorldSleepDay

Friday 13th March marks World Sleep Day, a time to celebrate rest and to raise awareness on the importance of sleep for healthy living and general well being.

As it’s World Sleep Day, here at MLILY we thought we would look into the different sleeping habits of people around the world. Take a look below to discover more!


In Japan, falling asleep on public transport, at work or even at a social event is perfectly acceptable! Instead of people looking on the snoozing person as lazy, the act of napping in public tells your onlookers that you are extremely hard working.

The act of napping whilst out and about even has it’s own name, ‘inemuri’, which basically means, ‘sleeping whilst present’.


Spain is well known for it’s hot climate, with Spanish people adjusting their sleep schedule around the blazing heat.

Afternoon napping, commonly known as a ‘siesta’ has been a long held tradition throughout Spain, with people rising in the late afternoon to early evening in order to finish work or to see family and friends, usually heading out for food afterwards and hence eating quite late.


In the colder climate of Scandinavia, sleeping traditions start young, with mothers leaving their babies outside to nap!

It is pretty common to be in Scandinavia and to see prams and strollers outside of houses, with many people believing that the cold air and freshness is good for their child and brilliant for immunity. Nurseries even hold their nap time outside!

Don’t worry, the babies are wrapped up well in suitable clothing and usually accompanied by a parent, with some children napping for up to three hours at a time!


The USA are a pet loving nation, with 71 per cent of Americans reporting that their pet sleeps in their bed with them on a regular basis!

Although this might sound like a slight sleep disruption, pets can actually provide added warmth in the night and a boost in mood come morning. A pet wake up can also be a brilliant way to get yourself up and moving in the morning, as either cat or dog will need to use the bathroom.

Happy World Sleep Day! Find out more here.