Sleep Well In Hot Weather

As we fall to sleep, our bodies naturally drop in temperature – unfortunately, during the summer months, heat can have a pretty detrimental affect on our sleep patterns, preventing us from getting the sleep we need.

Take a look at these tips below for sleeping well in hot weather, from prepping your body before heading to bed, through to what to do as you wake up to fight the heat.ย 

Before Bed

-opting for a cool or lukewarm shower before heading to bed can help your body to cool down quick, meaning you’ll feel much more rested and sleepy before getting under the covers.

-if you’re really struggling to cool down before bed, then a great tip is to soak your feet in cold water before going to sleep.

Dip your toes for around ten minutes and you’ll soon feel cooler. Heat is lost through your extremities, so wetting your hair can also be great for cooling down.

-wear light, loose fitting clothing. If you opt for sleep wear, it’s important during hot weather to choose light, cool fabrics.

Avoid any sort of fleece or thick wool as this will be extremely hot to wear in the heat.

Improving Sleep Environment

-working on adapting your sleep environment can be one of the most affective ways to stay cool at night.

Simple acts such as changing your bedding to a thinner thickness can be effective. In some cases, sleeping with just a sheet on you can also work well.

-Leave your window open. Ensuring air flow throughout the room can stop warm air from gathering and causing you to become uncomfortable. Fans can also be good for circulating air throughout the night – placing a tray of ice cubes in front of the fan can work well to circulate cold air.


-As we sleep, our bodies go 7-8 hours without water, meaning we can wake dehydrated each morning, especially after hot and sweaty nights. A great way to avoid this, and to also ensure that you’re not waking throughout the night to use the toilet, is to steadily drink water throughout the day, so that you go to bed hydrated.

-Purchasing, or making your own spray mister can be handy to keep near your bed during the night, you’ll be able to use it then for cooling your face down to avoid over heating.

-if you’re bedroom has large windows, a great tip for preparing for a hot night would be to keep the curtains closed throughout the day. This keeps the air cool by blocking out the sun. It might plunge your bedroom into darkness, yet this will help you to avoid using your bedroom in the daytime.

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