Sleep Loss and Work Life #betterlife

Is your lack of sleep affecting your daily life and work performance?

Discover below how sleep deprivation can really wreak havoc on your routine, along with our tips on how to tackle your poor quality rest.

How does sleep loss affect work?

A lack of sleep can have an affect on numerous factors in your day, from everyday communication with co workers through to cognitive performance and understanding of simple tasks.

Studies have revealed that workers who managed an extra 30 minutes shut eye than their peers, bringing their sleep total up to 8 hours, marked higher on overall performance and were able to fully focus on specific tasks for longer than their sleepy friends.

As well as a lack of cognitive ability, tired co-workers also reported a general reluctance to do simple tasks, as well as a tendency to become bored or irritated at an issue quickly.

A lack of sleep can also have a physical affect on people during their working day, from bloating, heartburn, palpitations and a tendency towards making dangerous mistakes, such as spilling hot drinks or dropping important items.

Chronic tiredness can also affect emotional well being as well, with co-workers less likely to ask colleagues for help and advice, shrinking into themselves throughout the day and showing reluctance to converse with people, a habit which tends to bring down the work ethic of the group.

With all of the disastrous consequences of poor sleep listed above, how can you ensure that you’re on top form when heading into the office? Take a look at our simple tips below.

-ensure a great routine. Opt for heading to bed at the same, sensible time each night. This might seem a little tricky at first, as our bodies are basically wrenched out of one routine to be dropped into another, different situation- but getting a schedule sorted will mean that we wake up with ease each morning.

Focus on whole foods. We are powered through the day by the choices we make when it comes to food and drink. Are you struggling to stay awake? Take a look at your diet. An abundance of sugary foods can make energy crashes a constant reality. Focus on whole foods such as carbohydrate packed oats in the morning, and protein rich snacks throughout the day.

-head outdoors. A breath of fresh air can be a great boost, after spending the whole morning sitting in an office. Opt for heading outdoors each day to enjoy your lunch, bring co-workers with you to keep the conversation flowing.

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