Sleep Hypnosis – Does It Work? 😴😴

Struggling to sleep?

For some, sleep hypnosis is a great exercise which encourages them to fall to sleep.

It works by guiding people to towards a relaxed state and is often seen as a non medical way of treating insomnia.

Despite the positive reviews, does sleep hypnosis actually work?

Can it be recreated from the comfort of your own home?

Find out below. 😴

What is sleep hypnosis?

Sleep hypnosis consists of sessions with a hypnotherapist, who uses verbal cues to draw you towards a deep sleep.

The verbal cues vary from relaxing words through to focused attention and sometimes, guided imagery, leading you down a path towards rest.

The patient will often listen and respond to words such as ‘listen’ and ‘let’s go’ as cues towards a healthy sleep.

Does sleep hypnosis actually work?

It all depends on the person.

For some, sleep hypnosis works tremendously well, often resulting in the patient coming away completely from sleep medication, yet for others, the whole experience, whilst indeed relaxing, is not successful for encouraging sleep.

Whilst the results can be unpredictable, studies have shown that simply practising the exercises at home can be a great way to relieve stress and excess worries, which in turn lead to a better rest.

So, whilst sleep hypnosis is not entirely reliable, it’s a handy way of leading a relaxed lifestyle and achieving a healthy sleep.

How can you recreate sleep hypnosis at home?

Whilst it can be tricky to recreate the exact process of sleep hypnosis at home, there are plenty of activities to encourage rest and relaxation and subsequently, a good nights’ rest.

Opt for relaxing baths, essential lavender oils and simple meditation in the evening to encourage sleep.

There are also plenty of apps to try when it comes to meditation before sleep.

Head space is completely free and has plenty of sleep and relaxation activities.

Some people prefer listening to music as they doze, but as always, it’s comes down to personal choice.

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