Sleep Hacks for Improving Rest #betterlife

Struggling to sleep lately? We’ve got you covered.

Sleeplessness definitely varies in its causes, from poor diet through to stress and illness.

If you’re struggling to switch off each evening, take a look at these top hacks for upping your rest quality, from pillow spray through to mood lighting.

#1 Pillow Spray

Lavender has been used as a natural sleep enhancer for centuries, with its calming scent its great for lulling you off to sleep.

A brilliant sleep hack is to spray lavender lightly onto your pillow before heading to sleep, the aromas will definitely help you to release stress and tension, leading to a deep nights’ sleep.

#2 Natural Light

Natural light can definitely be your friend when it comes to sleep hacks.

A great hack is to leave space for natural light to come into your bedroom by the morning, especially if you’ve got an early start. The inclusion of natural sunlight can be great for smoothing out our circadian rhythms, allowing us to wake naturally come the morning.

#3 Stay Cool

Struggling to fall asleep each night? Stay cool! Keeping our bedroom temperature at a cool rate can be brilliant for allowing our bodies to relax.

As we fall asleep, our bodies naturally drop in temperature, keeping the bedroom cool can help to expedite this process.

#4 Blue Light Filters

One of the main causes of sleeplessness all comes to down to blue light exposure, whether that’s from our lap tops or our phone screens.

A great way to get around this is to either stop watching electronics at least one hour before bed, opting instead to read, or to invest in a blue light filter for your electronics!

#5 Carb Up

A great idea for boosting your sleep is to enjoy a carb rich snack before heading to bed. Sources such as bananas can be great for a carb filled, magnesium boost, perfect for making the sleep hormone- melatonin.

#6 Write Down Your Worries

For many, the main cause of poor sleep all comes down to stress. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, a good tip is to write down your worries before falling asleep.

Making a note of what is bothering you and even working towards solving them can be brilliant for allowing you to sleep stress free.

#7 Keep Your Bedroom for Sleep

For many, the bedroom can become synonymous with other activities rather than sleeping, whether that’s eating or watching the TV. Opt for keeping your room solely for sleep, this will help you’re brain to remember that when you walk into your bedroom, it’s time for rest.

#8 Discover Your Needs

Discover what you need when it comes to sleep duration. If you’re struggling to lie in in the mornings, this might simply be because your body needs no more sleep!

#9 Get Up

Still can’t sleep? A great hack is to climb up out of bed if you’ve been trying for too long, and to go and complete a different task, whether that’s reading or tidying up. Hopefully you’re body will soon start to feel sleepy, cold and tired, drawing you eventually back into bed.

#10 Don’t Stress

Don’t stress! One of the main causes of poor sleep is a stressful lifestyle, take the steps to reduce this stress in order to boost your quality of rest, whether that’s through meditation, a warm evening bath or a late night stroll.