Sleep Benefits of Reading #NationalBookLoversDay

Today marks National Read a Book Day! ๐Ÿ“š๐Ÿ’ค

Take a look below to discover the importance of reading as a healthy and beneficial habit!

There are plenty of benefits to reading daily, from a reduction in stress through to increased cognitive ability and improved memory function.ย 

Reading can also be a brilliant habit to adopt before heading to bed!

Take a look at the various benefits below for reading and sleep and grab a book this evening to see whether your rest quality changes for the better…

Reduced Stress

Taking the time to read during the day can be perfect for promoting relaxation and decreasing levels of stress. Just a quick, ten minute break spent on picking up your favourite book can be brilliant for switching off your mind before heading back to work.

Studies by the University of Sussex found that picking up a book during the working day can be effective in reducing stress by up to 68 per cent, with it only taking 6 minutes for the stress levels of participants to drop.

Stress can be a major sleep disruptor, so grabbing a book in the day or in the moments before sleep can be amazing for promoting a healthy rest.

Improves Concentration

Reading can be brilliant for boosting cognitive function and improving memory ability.

The human brain is a muscle too, and it needs a daily workout to fire on all cylinders.

Studies have shown that reading takes more mental effort than speaking or drawing, as we have to process more informative at a much quicker rate.

A good dose of reading before bed can offer our brain a brilliant workout, whilst memory consolidation during the night can be perfect for cementing what we learnt from the night before!

Promotes Relaxation

Reading can be brilliant for boosting relaxation and leading to a deep rest.

The familiar and comforting feeling of reading whilst sitting up in bed can boost levels of serotonin and melatonin, which can lead to a happy sleep.

Reading a good book can allow us to switch off from the reality of a busy day, especially if the book is fiction and therefore focuses on a whole new world and reality!

Boosts Creativity

Reading before bed can be brilliant for boosting our creativity!

It comes as no surprise that reading can boost our cognitive ability, and through reading before we sleep we are opening our minds to plenty of new information and new ideas.

Consolidate these with a deep sleep and a few dreams thrown into the mix, and reading can be brilliant for allowing us to wake with new ideas and a new zest for creativity.

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