The Importance Of Sleep.

Sleep sharpens your mind

Sleep sharpens your mind and increases brain ability, memory function and creativity!
When you’re low on sleep, you’ll probably experience what is commonly referred to as ‘brain fog’, when you can’t quite seem to focus on key details.
A good sleep means a clear head, something which can definitely lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Sleep boosts your mood!

Sleep is brilliant for boosting your mood, and a healthy mind means a healthy body!
Not only is boosted mood brilliant for an increase in energy and creativity, but good quality sleep can also help to prevent or lessen conditions like anxiety and depression.

Your heart will be healthier

Studies have shown that our blood pressure heads down as we sleep, giving our heart and our blood vessels a bit of a rest.
The longer we sleep and the better the quality of the sleep, will mean that our hearts are rested and ready for the day, just like the rest of our body.
A happy heart, a healthy life.

Increase in your athletic ability

Sleep is the most determinant factor when it comes to athletic achievement.
Not only does poor sleep sap your motivation, it also deprives you of energy and decreases your mood, meaning you’re not really in the mood to exercise.
Getting good quality doses of sleep throughout the day is the best way to persevere with any exercise plan, whilst working out at around 11am each day tends to be the ideal time for success.

Steadier Blood Sugar

During the deep sleep part of rest, our blood sugar levels tend to drop, meaning that if we wake during this period or if we do not get the sleep we require, we have a tricky time of regulating our blood sugar levels throughout the following day, leading to overeating and an over reliance on sugary foods.

Weight Control

Getting in a good 8-9 hours each night can be brilliant for maintaining a healthy weight.
Being sleep deprived messes massively with our hormones, whilst a lack of sleep often leads to low energy and a reluctance to move.

Boosted Immune System

Sleep is a time of recovery and restoration.
It’s the period in which your body spends time repairing and rebuilding.
A good dose of sleep each night contributes towards a healthy immune system, just one poor night of sleep could put you at a higher risk of catching a cold!