Sleep and Appearance #betterlife

It’s no secret that sleep can be brilliant and rather essential for overall health and well being, but can sleep really have an affect on our overall appearance?

Commonly referred to as beauty sleep, a good nights’ rest can definitely play a role in how we look, but what’s the science?

Take a look below to discover the benefits of sleep for our looks, finding out just how much we need to look our best every day.


Stress can definitely play a role in our overall appearance, with an increase in the hormone cortisol causing our skin to become inflamed and irritated.

The rise in cortisol can even cause skin conditions such as eczema to appear.

The best way to fight stress comes in the form of sleep. Ensuring a deep nights’ rest each night can reduce redness and irritation, leading to a refreshed complexion for a better life.


The human skin is an organ like any other, because of this, skin needs sleep to aid recovery and regeneration. When we sleep, our bodies deliver fluids to organs that are in need of it, as well as removing fluids from other areas.

Had a rough nights’ sleep? You’ll probably wake up to a puffy face due to water retention, whilst under the eye bags can also be induced by poor rest.

Tips for Sleep and Skin Health

-opt for moisturising before heading to bed, this can be a great time for your body to absorb the moisture into the skin, perfect for avoiding dry patches and redness come the morning.

-keep hydrated. Ensure adequate hydration throughout the day and keep a glass of water near your bed to make sure that you’re always topped up on fluids.

-Ensure adequate sleep.

A healthy sleep usually comes in the form of 7-9 hours, although this can vary person to person.

Don’t be tempted to over sleep to save your skin, a night overslept can cause inflammation similar to a lack of sleep. Achieve the balance for optimum skin health.

-Top up on those antioxidants.

Still feeling and looking tired come the morning? You could be lacking in antioxidants during the colder months. Opt for supplements such as vitamin D and C to ensure bright skin each morning.

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