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Whilst the perfect mattress can be the ultimate accessory for many when it comes to getting brilliant sleep, there are also plenty of other additions to a bedroom which can increase rest quality dramatically.

Black Out Blinds

Opting for black out blinds in the summer months can be brilliant for boosting sleep quality when it comes to heading to bed at a suitable time. For many, staying up later in the warmer months can be easily adopted due to the bright evenings, despite this, it can be tricky to wake up come the morning time for work.

Opting for blackout blinds can allow you to head to bed at a suitable time, waking naturally in the morning for the day ahead.


An essential oil diffuser can be a brilliant addition to any bedroom, as the abundance of calming scents can be perfect for lulling you off to sleep. Opting for soothing essences such as camomile and lavender can help to ease stress, relieve tension and encourage rest.

Night Light

Opting for a night light to place near your bed can not only be beneficial for reading before sleep, there are also plenty of products available which can naturally wake you up by mimicking the pattern of the sun, easing you out of your slumber to feel ready and refreshed.

White Noise Machine

Whilst many of us do like to fall to sleep in complete silence, if you’re one of the few people who appear to fall asleep better with the fan whirring, then a white noise machine could be the perfect accompaniment for you.

White noise is brilliant for creating a masking affect, blocking out any noise which might alarm and awaken light sleepers, it can be perfect if you’re prone to stirring in the night.

Calm Apps

A brilliant addition to your bedroom are calming sleep apps, many of which can be downloaded for free on your phone.

From fairy tales, breathing exercises, meditation and body relaxation techniques, there tends to be something for everyone.

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