Self Isolation – Self Care #betterlife

Self isolation can definitely be a difficult time for many, especially for people who find themselves out of the house early each morning with a busy day ahead of them.ย 

Take a look at our guidance below for looking after yourself during this unique time if you’re feeling a little lost and out of sorts, from self care tips through to mindfulness.


It can be very easy during this time to simply crawl into bed and forget the world.

Despite the urge, it is important to carry on as normal, yet this time, from the comfort of your own home. Keeping a routine will help your mind to stay calm, cool and collected, decreasing the levels of cortisol in your body.

If you’re struggling to find your groove, mindfulness can be a great place to start. Simple tips such as deep breathing and regular breaks can be a perfect place to begin, before moving onto activities such as head space apps and podcasts.

Head online to find the clip that suits you, whether it’s for boosting your mood or allowing your mind to relax.


It might not seem like a tricky activity to undertake, but keeping ourselves clean and put together is important to self care during this time.

Without the routine of heading out to work, we can often fall into the trope of working in our night clothes, eating poorly or even forgetting to brush our teeth!

Following your routine as normal, showering, eating well and getting dressed can help to boost your mood and can be a brilliant form of self care during this odd time.

Likewise, if you’re one for feeling stressed in the evening, opt for a warming bath to lift your spirits, lavender and epsom salts can be brilliant for this.

Brilliant Sleep

Despite our everyday lives being disrupted in some form, it is important to not treat everyday like the weekend.

Heading to bed at a sensible time each night and acquiring a good amount of sleep can be great for maintaining a routine and getting us through each day with plenty of energy.


Working out can be a form of self care too!

Not only is it great for our physical health, it can also produce plenty of serotonin, the feel good hormone.

Opt for simple workouts indoors if you’re completely isolated, or if you’d like more space then a park run at a quiet time of the day can be brilliant also. Remember to keep at least two metres away from others however!

Occupying your time

During this time it can be tempting to simply sit in front of the television for weeks.

Despite this, it’s important to recognise that a great form of self care comes in the form of keeping our minds active and engaged.

Reading books, doing puzzles, phoning a friend or practising music or a hobby can be an amazing way to keep your brain interested and your spirits up.