Self Isolate – The Healthy Way #betterlife

For many, self isolation can seen like a new, intimidating and often monotonous exercise, spending ours days locked inside can definitely affect our mental and physical well being.

Despite this, it’s important to focus on the positives and to actively work to self isolate correctly and in a healthy manner, protecting our mental health and overall mood.ย 

Take a look at our guide below on getting started…

Get Dressed

It might sound like an obvious tip to master, but getting dressed, showered and ready for the day ahead can be a great way to flick the switch in our mind, waking ourselves up and telling our bodies it’s time to start the day.

Simple things such as brushing our teeth and even sitting down to work at the exact same time we would in an office setting can be wonderful for keeping a routine.

Don’t write a time schedule

Although it’s vital to keep a schedule of your working day if you would like to self isolate effectively, it’s also important to avoid putting time constraints on each activity.

While timings can be useful for some, for many, working off a tight routine can often cause the person to fall behind on tasks, therefore lowering their mood when they don’t complete an activity on time, and affecting their motivation to start the next task if they feel like they have already failed.

Avoid timings, simply write a to do list and feel accomplished when you tick something off!

Set a sleep routine

Setting a healthy sleep routine is vital for isolating effectively, as it helps to boost mood and energy, and allows us to wake at the same time each morning ready for the day ahead.

Setting aside time in the evening and the morning for relaxation can be a brilliant idea as well, allowing yourself some time with anyone who is isolating with you.

Take regular breaks and work in bursts

If you’re working from self isolation then it’s important to take regular breaks and to work in bursts of energy.

For example, when you’re working from an office it’s normal to move between different rooms for meetings, to chat with a friend whilst grabbing a coffee or to head to the toilet every hour or so.

Keep up these practices whilst from home, a simple yet effective way to relax the mind, ready for the next task.

Be realistic with yourself

Right now, there’s a global pandemic on, so it’s definitely fine to feel all sorts of emotions, from anxiety through to stress and concern.

It’s important to recognise that some days in isolation will be good, and others not so much. Working towards the best that you can be in this period is just perfect during this odd time.

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