Rest and Recovery with Svetla

Autumn saw MLILY team up with yoga enthusiast and lifestyle blogger Svetla, creator and owner of her
instagram page @Ashtangi.Who – to create a detailed set of posts all about the MLILY ambience pillow, and the impact it has had on Svetla’s life.

Svetla, who is recovering from a neck injury, was able to test the pillow for a number of months, to really
delve into the importance of finding a suitable pillow for neck and head support, when choosing to reevaluate a sleep environment.

‘Being contacted by Mlily was one of the luckiest
coincidences. I’ve been recovering from a neck injury and was looking for a change in my sleeping routine when I was asked to try the Ambience memory pillow.

I’m a blogger and this collaboration was a chance for me to check out the product on market and do
exactly what I love to – experiment with new things that can influence my yoga practice and share the results for the benefit of my online community’. Svetla.

Alongside discussing the importance of a great pillow for a healthy sleep, Svetla also delved into the importance of a great sleep for a better life, when it comes to rest and especially when it revolves around recovering from injury.

Not only is yoga a perfect activity for meditation and thoughtfulness, it can also be a great form of exercise and strength training, as well as playing an important role in sleep health and overall well being.

Svetla’s experience with MLILY allowed her to heal, with rest and recovery being the cornerstone of any deep, great quality sleep.

After a trial period, Svetla was able to include the pillow in her monthly favourites, detailing the benefits it has
brought to her life and how it has helped her with yoga, the post was accompanied by a wonderful set of photos.

Svetla’s latest post with MLILY looks further into the Ambience pillow, alongside the importance of finding the correct pillow for both quality rest and a better life.

‘I absolutely enjoyed every minute spent with Mlily team. They are supportive and understanding, never tried to change my opinion about the product, were very prompt with reply and clear with what exactly do they need to know.’ – Svetla.

Sleep is important, and supporting Svetla on her recovery journey back into yoga represents the importance of a healthy sleep and a wonderful sleep environment.

I loved that Mlily was interested in real people trying real products and share their own thoughts on it without any “commercial “ editing whatsoever. Thank you very much Mlily for this wonderful experience and indeed wonderful products. I truly hope to continue our collaboration in the nearest future.’ Svetla.

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