Reducing Anxiety:COVID_19

During this peculiar and trying time, it can be very easy to allow the stresses and pressures of the current situation to seep into our everyday lives, causing anxiety and worry.

Allowing ourselves to become worried about friends and loved ones can also incite a great deal of anxious thoughts, which in turn can lead to poor health such as a lack of sleep and an overall increase in cortisol levels in our body, lowering our immune system and well being.ย 

Follow this four step guide to improving your health, lowering your stress and boosting your mood in order to stay safe and happy during this time.ย 

Set a sleep schedule

Setting a sleep schedule can be the best way to allow your body to slip into a calming routine. Sleep is a natural rhythm, and heading to bed at the same time each night can allow our minds to wake at the same time each morning.

Treat your sleep routine as you would a work schedule, slipping into a natural pattern which will not only boost your mood and energy, it will also allow your mind to relax each evening, perfect for fighting anxious thoughts.

Eliminate blue light

Blue light, commonly referred to as ‘junk light’ can have a detrimental affect on the quality of our rest, and a poor sleep leads to a bad day and a low mood, not ideal in this difficult climate.

Exposure to light from our phones, tablets, TVs or lap tops less than 30 minutes before sleep can trick our bodies into believing that it is still daylight, henceforth delaying sleep and causing us to be tired come the morning.

Switch off your electronics a while before bed, opting instead to write down your thoughts, chat to a loved one or read a book.

Avoid alcohol

Although for many of us, sleep seems to come naturally after a drink or two, opting for an evening tipple each night can have a detrimental affect on our health and our overall sleep quality.

A boozy night can often lead us to wake up in the early hours of the morning due to our bodies working furiously to break down the alcohol, causing a severe disruption in our sleep.

Skip the night cap and opt instead for keeping hydrated throughout the day and enjoying a mug of soothing herbal tea before rest.

Take a hot bath or shower

An ideal way to end any day is to opt for a hot bath or shower before heading to bed.

Cooler environments are much more ideal for encouraging sleep, so a hot bath followed by a drop in temperature upon leaving the tub can be brilliant for inducing drowsiness and is perfect for pulling us off into slumber.

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