Quarantine In The Rain: Boost Your Mood

For many of us self isolating in our homes due to COVID_19, the prospect of a park walk in the sunshine each day tends to be a welcome addition to our working hours.ย 

However, with the weather growing greyer lately and with rain becoming a common occurrence, keeping up morale, motivation and overall mood can often dip when there’s a downfall outside.

Discover our tips for staying motivated and content as the rain falls in lockdown.

Try to head outside for exercise

As the rain comes down, it can be tempting to hibernate within our homes. Yet, numerous studies have shown the importance of spending time outdoors for overall mood and well being, even if it’s just a quick walk.

Wrapping up to enjoy time outdoors in the cold or the rain may seem like a chore, but once you’re out and about it’s brilliant to feel the benefits instantly.

If the weather is a little over the top, try heading online to discover plenty of workouts, opening a few windows in your home as you do, there’s nothing like the smell of rain!

Plan your activities

Grey days can often result in a blur, especially when spending your time locked indoors. A great way to break up the monotony of a rainy day in lockdown is to plan fun activities to complete indoors, especially at the weekend.

From scheduling in a film to watch through to setting some time aside for reading a book, listening to a podcast or even trying out an online class, constant changes throughout the day can help to keep you on your toes as the rain falls.

Help Others to Help Yourself

If you’re feeling a little deflated in lockdown whilst the weather is bad, a great way to boost your mood is to think up ways to help others.

Even if it’s just popping to the supermarket in your car to grab a few necessities for a loved one or heading online to donate ยฃ5 to a local charity in need during this time, a simple act of kindness can perk you up when the weather is bad.

Get Enough Light

Although grey skies don’t provide much in the way of sunlight, opting to sit by an open window can be brilliant for letting in some light on rainy days.

In order to avoid Seasonal Affective Disorder, it’s important to banish the blues caused by spring showers either by getting outdoors, getting active or phoning a friend.

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