Premier Series

Cloud Memory Foam is infused with Mlily Temperature Cooling Particle Technology & lined with a core of flex Pocket Springs for unparalleled comfort and support.

Premier 1000

The building block of the Premier Collection. TCP Technology, Cloud Memory Foam & flex Pocket Springs meet an elegant Hybrid design.

Premier 1000 Ortho

Built like the Premier 1000 but firmer. Made for sleepers with back and joint pain.

Premier Deluxe 1000

Our Airtech Border ensures corner to corner support for less tossing and turning.

Premier Deluxe 1000 Ortho

Custom Ortho springs make this the ideal mattress for sleepers with back problems.

Premier 2000

2000 single deckered Pocket Springs bring out the performance of this mattress.


Premier 2000 Ortho

Builds off of the 2000 but with a firmer Flex feel.


Premier 3000

Built for extreme suppleness and adaptability. Soft feel.


Premier 3000 Ortho

A firmer version of the 3000. Sleepers with chronic back problems rejoice.


Premier 5000

5000 Pocket Springs are double deckered for more complete support. Cloud Memory Foam ensures pressure relief.


Premier 8000

The king of all Premier mattresses. 8000 Pocket springs enhance the core for a better sleep and a better you.