Plan Your Goals #betterlife

Happy 2020! Take a look at our top tips below for planning your goals for the new year, from getting more exercise in through to seeing friends and family.

Write It Down

It can be difficult to follow you’re goals if you’re struggling to even remember them.

Make a point of writing down your goals for the new year, this way you’ll always have something to look back on as you achieve.

Searching for some extra motivation? Try sticking the list up on a wall you walk past constantly, this can be a great way to remind yourself of what you’re working towards.

Think about a time frame

Whilst some goals can be relatively simple and achieved in a few days, such as remembering to make your bed each morning or practising mindfulness apps, some goals can involve a journey. Whether it’s upping your fitness game or travelling to more places, goals can be achieved within time frames.

Don’t rush your goals, set a time frame to follow for a great form of guidance towards making your dreams a reality.


Although writing down your goals can be a simple way to get the ball rolling, it’s important to also include some additional notes on what you’re going to do to start making these goals come true.

For example, simply noting that you’re going to head to the gym more often as a goal has little structure. Include your top ideas for the best gyms nearby, and maybe even throw in some meal planning ideas.

Look back on your progress

Looking back on your past progress and achievements can make for a great form of motivation when it comes to achieving your goals in the new year.

Note down what you have achieved so far and record your progress, not only is it a great way to track your success, it can also be great as a learning experience when you don’t see the results you want.

Get others involved

Sticking to a goal becomes easier when you have a fellow enthusiast on the journey with you.

Whether it’s a running buddy or a fellow motivation advocate, heading into a new task with friends to motivate you can be perfect for achieving the task at hand, in order to not let people down.