Plan Your Day – Get Stuff Done #betterlife

It can be tricky to get everything you need to get done completed in one day.

Missing out on key parts of your day due to time constraints or poor planning, can not only be stressful, but can leave us feeling deflated come the evening time.

Take a look at our guide below on staying focused throughout the day, with a few handy tips on keeping your cool and getting stuff done for a relaxing evening and a better life.ย 

Make A List

Making a list of everything you need to get done the following day can be a great start to an organised and productive routine.

Simply jot down your main aims, followed by timings and any extra information, right before heading to bed.

Writing down your plan can not only settle your brain into relaxation mode, it can also help to calm any anxieties you may have, leaving room for you to sort any problems that might arise the following day.

Prepare Healthy Food

Struggle to cook a healthy meal in the throes of a busy day? Opting for meal prepping and planning earlier in the week can be brilliant for encouraging healthy eating on the go.

Simply through batch cooking, both time and money can be saved on during the week.

Try opting for a good source of protein in each meal to power you through the day, with dishes such as chilli or stew being perfect for reheating.

Exercise Early

A sure start to any day is exercise, from walking to work through to a morning gym session or a quick jog, any form of cardio in the morning can set you up for the day ahead.

Get ahead of the game by planning your workout to take place first thing, this way, you’ll be prepared to take on the rest of the day energised and ready for more tasks ahead.


When it comes to planning your day, it’s important to prioritise tasks, taking into account timings and levels of urgency can be brilliant for staying on track.

Sorting out your most pressing tasks in the mid morning- as this is the time of day that our brains are at their most active, can be brilliant for relieving any stress, ready for the afternoon.

Add Breaks!

If you’re working off a tight schedule, please remember to add breaks!

Working non stop without allowing your brain to switch off for even a few minutes, can cause burn out pretty fast.

Opt instead for a break every hour, to read a book off-topic from your work, to head on a walk outside, or to practice some yoga and simple breathing techniques for a reduction in stress.