Pets, lifestyle and happiness #NationalDogLoversDay

Today marks National Dog Lover’s Day! The perfect opportunity to celebrate and be thankful for the furry friends in our life.ย 

Whether you have a dog, cat or even an assortment of animals living with you, there are plenty of benefits to keeping a pet.

Take a look below to discover the various lifestyle benefits of living with your furry best friend.

Pets keep you fit!

All breeds of dog need regular, strenuous walks to maintain both a healthy lifestyle, calm demeanour and to keep them happy, pretty similar to us! We can all carry the tendency to become a little lazy, so having a dog can provide brilliant motivation for getting ourselves up and moving each day.

Feeling a little sluggish? There’s nothing like a dog dragging you out of the door in order to run around the park that can’t fix that! Believe it or not, dogs are the best type of personal trainers…

Pets lower your stress levels

Modern life can definitely be stressful at times, leading to a variety of health problems, from poor sleep through to depression and anxiety. Having a pet nearby can be perfect for banishing these ailments.

Simply stroking your pet bunny or watching a fish swim in its tank can make worries melt away, with studies even showing that pet owners have a lower blood pressure on average than individuals with no furry friends.

Pets can help you to make friends

The pet owning community is vast, stretching all over the world and spanning a wide selection of breeds. Not only can keeping a pet get you talking to people on your daily walk, various groups such as training classes, pet sitting clubs and even chat forums can all be brilliant for connecting with fellow pet owners and fighting feelings of loneliness, leading to a better life and a great sleep.

Pets can improve your immune system

Pets spend the majority of their time outside and can therefore bring germs into the home on a regular basis. This intrusion isn’t necessarily a bad thing however. Additional germs can be brilliant at boosting our immune systems, meaning less illness and fewer blocked noses at night!

Pets can improve your sleep

Keeping a pet nearby as you sleep, whether in the same room as you or downstairs in their own bed can help us to sleep more soundly with little fear of intrusion.

Not only do pets make brilliant house alarms, with dogs being a particular defection for burglars, their ability to boost our mood; encourage our exercise; lower our stress levels and decrease our loneliness can all contribute towards a deep, restful and restorative sleep.

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