Ortho TCP Memory 1000

The Ortho TCP Memory 1000 is one of our specialized Ortho Range. We’ve designed these beds to be firmer, making it ideal for people who suffer from chronic back pain and other back-related problems. 1000 of our firm Memory series springs are singularly layered into the core of this mattress, joined by a support border to provide a more complete night’s sleep.

Flex Support Foam

TCP Technology

Memory Foam

Pocket Springs

Removable Cover

1. Mlily Quilted TCP Cloud-Memory Foam. Our Temperature Cooling Particle Technology is specially quilted to align your spine and mould to your natural body contours.

2. Flex Comfort Foam. We’ve added a layer of our Flex Comfort Foam to further adapt to your body’s sleep needs, creating a more comfortable, supportive feel. 

3. Pocket Springs. It’s one thing to have Memory Foam – it’s another to carefully layer in pocket springs. 1000 of our firm Memory spring series form the core of this mattress.

4. Memory Support Border. Our Memory Support Border is built to provide corner to corner support, relieving the natural pressure of your body weight.

5. Flex Support Foam. We’ve added a base layer of our custom Flex Support Foam to provide you with that extra level of support to help you recover quicker and sleep more completely.

Available Sizes Width Length
Single 90cm 190cm
Double 135cm 190cm
King 150cm 200cm
Super King 180cm 200cm